The Corrections Specialist

The Corrections Specialist Professional program provides students the basic competencies involved in a position in a corrections facility and/or provide insight for counselors, attorneys and other legal aides additional information and theory related to the US corrections system. In fact, many legal assistants, law enforcement professionals, court and corrections officials have acquired a background understanding in Correction, Rehabilitation, Parole and basic Policing in order to better inform their positions and every day actions on the job. An increasingly complex field with the growing privatization of correctional facilities and multifaceted discussions on federal sentencing mandates, addiction and other socio-economic issues, a career in Corrections is not only challenging but can be immensely rewarding as well.

The Corrections Specialist Program

The US Criminal Justice system is a complex web of interconnected authorities, facilities, issues and concerns. One of the most important facets of criminal justice is the Corrections System that houses, monitors and reintegrates individuals – adults and juveniles – under supervision of the law. The criminal laws and penal system that determine corrections requirements, the various stresses on the largest corrections system in the world here in the US as well as the various issues, concerns and considerations for rehabilitating and reintegrating individuals back into society require a fundamental understanding of the entire system in order to successfully take on the roles and responsibilities of professionals working in the Corrections system. This program takes students through the ins and outs of the US Corrections system and the laws that govern it alongside the individual, political and societal issues.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Define terms related to corrections
  • Assess the purpose, implementation, and effectiveness of corrections
  • Trace the historical evolution of the correctional system
  • Examine the organization of corrections
  • Examine challenges faced by the correctional system
  • Compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the various clients of a correctional facility
  • Examine challenges faced by the correctional system
  • Analyze prison life and the effects it can have on individuals and society
  • Appraise the legal rights of inmates and the use of capital punishmentAnalyze the probation and parole process
  • Analyze the juvenile court and juvenile justice system
  • Summarize the history and administration of probation and parole
  • Defend the importance of presentence investigation in the sentencing process
  • Examine the basic models for administering parole
  • Analyze the role of rehabilitation in probation and parole
  • Analyze the role of probation and parole officers
  • Examine the role of supervision in probation and parole
  • Use Microsoft Office

Education and National Certifications

  • Students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED.
  • There are no state approval and/or state requirements associated with this program.
  • There is a National Certification exam available to students who successfully complete this program:
    • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Exam.

National Certification

Upon successful completion of this program, students would be eligible to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam. Although there are no state approval, state registration or other state requirements for this program, students who complete this program will be prepared and are eligible to sit for this national certification exam. Students who complete this program are encouraged to complete the externship option with their program. Students who complete this program can and do sit for the MOS national certification exams and are qualified, eligible and prepared to do so.

Externship / Hands on Training / Practicum

Although not a requirement, once students complete the program, they have the ability to participate in an externship and/or hands on practicum so as to practice the skills necessary to perform the job requirements of a professional in this field. Students will be assisted with completing a resume and/or other requirements necessary to work in this field. All students who complete this program are eligible to participate in an externship and will be placed with a participating organization near their location.